The Best of Sex

Our handpicked collection of pictures, video and files from the Internet:

Protesting Hooters
The latest Mini Cooper
"Sexy" Halloween costumes
Just one of those mornings ...
Disney's gone to far with this one!
Next morning SURPRISE!

Can these things really be called bikinis?
Why unions are killing America

Hillary plays peace keeper in the Middle East

Russian ad for vodka (look closely)

The perfect woman
Valentine's Day cards we really could use
Guy gives up his gal to a prisoner
A man's version of Valentine's Day

Accidental homosexual context for Elmo (or on purpose?)
A new Star Wars character
Kids love this Harry Potter toy
The kind of airport security I'd like to see : Weblink
Use this chart to gauge what kind of tits your girlfriend/wife has
Not a good choice for a church's stained glass window
Skeletons getting it on (great for Halloween)
The perfect beer holder
World's smallest bikini (ouch!)
Kid looking for snack that sounded so good
Does this thong make my ass look big?
How office rumors start
Sexy T-shirt for hot chicks only
Kid feeds kangaroo while he's "busy"
Man junk optical illusion ... or is it?
The secret lives of cats and dogs
Comic about old folk's sex life
Old dude feels up his wife
The sex life of a hard-up terrorist (no wonder they hate Americans!)
Chick with too much junk in the trunk
Yeah, I bet this works with the ladies
Biker dude desperate for beer
A chick I need to meet
Santa’s reindeer into S&M
A door knocker with balls
Horny cactus clowns
Arkansas quarter in honor of Bill Clinton
War footage
Lunch room talk 2014
The envy of all cookies
Women taking nap on plane puts on show
Hill Billy Weather Station
Exotic Dancer Barbie
At this kid's first game he saw more then just the game
"CHIPS" guy calling you out
Louisiana quarter recognizes Mardi Gras
Sorority Slut Barbie
Transgender Barbie
All woman should come with one of these
T-shirt for an honest woman
Poster for lost slut
Detailed Map of the Male Brain
Slippery cow sex (poor bastard!)
Phone number to give to someone you don't want to see again

Who Let the REAL Dogs Out! : Weblink
The Complete History of Jack Schitt : Weblink
Copperfield magic on your computer : Download Powerpoint file

See if you know real tits from fake ones : Download Excel file
Encounter with a hot chic (oh my) : Download Powerpoint file

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