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What percentage of your annual income do you spend on drugs?


How often do you have sex a week?



With whom do you have sex?
lease provide full names and phone numbers, if possible.


What are your prefered sexual positions (check all that apply):

doin it like everyone does it
doin it like a dog
doin it on top

What is your mom's name?



Where does your mom live?



Does your mom's home have a central security system?


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Do you have any of the following medical conditions:
Bad breath
Loose balls
Club feet
Lost limbs
Mental illness
Just plain dumb

Would you like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Larry Armstrong Home for Wayward Boys and Girls Fund (a unprofitable organization that helps people)?


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May we use all the information you have entered above, plus any information we can extract from your computer through any means available to us and Microsoft Corp., to sell to our clients, customers, friends, associates, third-parties, third-world countries, and anyone else who will buy it from us?


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