Crazy Contest


Our First (And Last) Annual Crazy Contest has ended. And we are happy to say it was a qualified success (the qualification being that you lazy ass people didn't participate).

These are the three people who actually had the creativity and guts to submit something and they are all winners. The rest of you suck.

Crash Course.mp3 Boba Fett (by cool Aussie chic Sarah)

three.mp3 (by Stoney)

distorted faceemail excerpts (by Scott)


What To Submit
Anything in a digital format, including Flash animations and games (.SWF), QuickTime movies (.MOV), Shockwave animation and games (.DCR), poetry or writing (.TXT or .DOC), pictures (.JPG or .GIF), sounds (.AIF or .WAV), music (.MP3) ... as long as what you send us will play on a Mac or PC, we will check it out. The more outrageous and creative, the better. Remember, the key word in this contest is "Crazy." Some suggestions you may wish to try:
* Snap a photo of the ugliest body part you've every seen (yours or someone else's).
* Do something stupid and take pictures or video of it.
* Write a poem about any one of the following topics: intestines, your coat, sweaty balls, Boba Fett, tacos, recurring dreams, figs, childhood memories, alfredo sauce, money, chocolate milk, dandruff.
* Write an insightful review of a movie, TV show, album, or concert - from the point of view of one of your favorite movie, TV or music stars.

Besides world-wide fame and exposure, everyone who wins will receive a prize, to be randomly selected from the following possible prizes (Note: Prizes may change without notice based on current financial status.)
* A free jailhouse tattoo at Larry's Tattoo Parlor in Maple Shade, NJ (if you don't live nearby, you can substitute another prize of equal or lesser value, as determined by Larry).
* A cash prize of either $9.99 (2 to 1 odds) or $9,999 (gazillion to 1 odds).
* A surprise prize selected from our vast warehouse of giveaway items, unsold garage sale junk, out-of-fashion clothes, broken computer parts, and unrecognizable crap.
* A music CD or cassette tape.
* A knowledge nourishing book.
* A fun computer game (may not be compatible with all computer systems).
* A jar of drug-free urine.

The makers of this website — along with celebrity judges such as Scott Baio, William Shatner, Fred Dunst of Limb Bisket, and Milli or Vanilli, whichever one did not commit suicide — will decide who the winners are. If you win, you will be notified by email. Otherwise, you won't hear dick. Click to find out Who We Are.

We are not responsible for anything that could get us into trouble. The blame rest solely with someone else. We were at a friend's house that night. I don't recall. I don't know. Maybe. Batteries not included. May contain soybeans. OJ did it.

By submitting your stuff to us, you give us permission to post it on this website as long as we like, if your entry is a winning entry. You can still do whatever you want with your material and of course you will own all rights to it. We are not buying it, we are just showcasing it for you. If you don't understand this, don't submit anything, because you must be an idiot.

If you are interested in suing us, you should know we don't have any money or own any property or anything of any value. We live on the beach. Also, we retain the very powerful and high-profile attorney team of Drinker, Tinkler and Sphincter.


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