The Best of Bad Taste

Our handpicked collection of pictures, video and files from the Internet:

How to make kids behave
A ghetto wedding reception
If men raised children : PowerPoint file
Martha makes herself at home
Oil change instructions for Women and Men
How would you react if you couldn't drink? : PowerPoint file
Women protest ... along with one man
Ultimate cool test
White Trash Family Photos : Word doc
A MasterCard priceless moment
Another MasterCard priceless moment
Who ruined casual Fridays

Won't the bitch shut up!

Things you can say at Thanksgiving
Red Neck Palm Pilot
White Trash Christmas : Weblink
Three signs you live in 'da hood
President George W. Bush on the job
Scare the shit out of your friends (soon to be ex-friends)
Why really went bust
Time lapse view of a guy at a bar through the eyes of a drunk chic
What a Chinese restaurant owner would really like to put on the menu
Typical double standard that old fat guys have toward their wives
What your cat's really up to while you're at work
The key that every keyboard really needs
An ass suspended in mid-air
Teaching babies young how to party
Why it's good to know how to spell
A golf course not to fuck around on
Winner of the "Not My Job" award
A peek at the nightlife of our intern Kevin
A worker with a bad attitude at the office
The kind of cooler I'd like to see at work
Following the doctor's orders of one alcoholic drink a day
What they should really build at the WTC site
A biker being funny (but he'll still kick your ass)
#1 Freakboy
Young punk being raised by white trash
Another biker with a funny shirt (he too will kick your ass)
Michael Jackson timeline (holy shit!)
Dumb ass Santa forgets his seatbelt
Santa learns the hard way about Mexican food
Beer Trouble Shooting Chart
Barbie got back (that's what I'm talkin' about!)
Goth Barbie
A red neck baby pacifier
Tan lines tell the tale
The Michelin Man when he was a baby
What is a sonofabitch?
Gangsta Bitch Barbie
Exactly how "cool" are you??? Test your coolness quotient : Web Link
Samuel L. Jackson Soundboard : Web Link
Stupid Guy loads up his car after Home Depot shopping : Download Word Doc
Pretty Damn Funny Pics : Download Word Doc
Friday Funnies : Download Word Doc
Even More Funnies : Download Word Doc
Get written permission for Guys Night Out : Download Word Doc

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