The Best of Violence

Our handpicked collection of pictures, video and files from the Internet:

The race to be a real American
CNN webpage for the hip hop crowd at the start of the war
The wars off! Bush and Saddam become pals!
Funniest commercial ever
: weblink
Translations of goverment terrorist warnings : weblink
Bill Gates gets creamed : video
Men love sports ... especially when something gay happens
Martha Stewart's latest magazine
The last thing a terrorist will see
Priceless moment at a Philadelphia Flyers hockey game
A priceless moment for Philly cops
eBay auction for an ass kicking
A message for terrorists from Lady Liberty
Terrorist asshole in a priceless moment
U.S. finally finds Osama
Dog / reindeer double bind
Psycho reindeer
Traffic advisory telling it like it is
Love is truly the solution to all violence
Evil Pengiun (video)
Shitting your head off (video)

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