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Santa: Fat, Drunk and Perverted Do it now!

Click to play Here's a glimpse into the dark side of Santa's life and how fame can lead to sex, drugs and decadence. Help Santa collect porno mags, joints, beer, and whiskey to reach the ultimate goal of a sleigh ride with pin-up girls. But watch out for his enemies, including Crazy Elves, passed out Reindeer, and a pissed-off Mrs. Claus.

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Describe the worst Mall Santa you've ever survey

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Pinata SmashDo it now!

Click to play It's little Johnny's birthday party and everyone's come to visit. Mom, dad, grandpop, grandom, the neighbors, his friends and pets are all there to celebrate his special day. Mom even has a special surprise for Johnny — a birthday pinata filled with candy that you get to smash open! Just watch where you swing ...

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Who would you want to beat your ass and why?read survey


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